Gluteal Tendon Tears

The Gluteus medius is one of 3 muscles in the buttock and is situated on the outer surface of the hip. The gluteus medius assists with pelvic stability,hip abduction (leg separation)and intternal and external rotation of the hip.Causes of Gluteus Medius Tears.

Gluteal Tendon Tears

A gluteus medius tear occurs with a partial or complete rupture of the muscle. The tear or rupture of the gluteus medius muscle is commonly seen in runners and athletes and can occur due to:

Sudden bursts of activity and poor flexibility of the gluteus muscle.

Traumatic injury – tendinopathy (chronic inflammation of the gluteus medius tendon).

Overuse injury

Age related degenerative changes can also lead to partial or complete tear of the gluteal muscles and tendons

Pain on the side of the hip

Weakness on the affected side of the hip

The symptoms can be pain on the side of the hip or weakness on the affected side of the him with, in some cases, pain extending up to the buttock and result in weakness when lifting the leg to the side.

Untreated tears are not life threatening but can impact your quality of life and function.

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