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The Regenerative Therapy Centre consists of a panel of renowned clinicians and regenerative medicine experts who have been practicing biological treatment therapies for over a decade. These include PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), APS (Autologous Protein Solution) and Mesencymal Signalling Cells.


The identification of the root cause of pain through advanced diagnostic imaging and then directly delivering one or more of our therapeutic injections to the problematic joint affected. 

Treatment Options

A wide range of procedures and injections can be used for arthritic and sports injury pain management based on your symptoms and the correct diagnosis.

Our Team

Our team is assisted by trained nurse specialists and stem cell therapists and we strive to provide an efficient seamless service from your initial consultation till the completion of your treatment. 

Pain Management

It is often used when conservative medical management has failed to provide relief and as an alternative mode of treatment to surgery.

Our Aim

Our aim is to get you pain free, more functional and delay the onset of arthritis and avoid need for any further surgery.

Convenient Locations

We are situated at The European Scanning Centre, close to Manchester Airport. We also have clinics in Harley street, around London and most locations in the Northwest of the United Kingdom.

Our Team

Our team is made up of stem cell scientists, orthopedic specialists, surgeons, anesthetists and radiologists who cohesively deliver the best biological treatment therapy options most suitable to our patients.



Fahad G. Attar is a consultant in Trauma & Orthopaedics, specialising in lower limb arthroplasty, knee reconstruction surgery and sports medicine.

He is certified fellowship trained in lower limb arthroplasty, knee reconstruction surgery, sports medicine and joint preservation surgery from world renowned centres; the Nuffield Orthopaedic centre in Oxford, the Holland Orthopaedic centre, Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Canada and at Wrightington hospital here in the UK.

He has a particular interest and expertise in managing young adult arthritis, cartilage injuries and sports related injuries. He uses innovative, cutting edge, evidence based biological therapy options to treat and manage joint pain and sports injuries. These treatment modalities utilise the body’s own healing potential to resolve pain and symptoms and also help in delaying or avoiding any major surgery. These biological treatment therapies include; stem cell therapy, PRP platelet rich plasma therapy and APS autologous protein solution therapy. All the treatment options are driven by results and outcomes. Mr. Attar also performs patient specific knee replacements for osteoarthritis, ligament reconstructions such as ACL reconstructions and cartilage reconstruction procedures.

He is well published and has been involved in ongoing clinical and lab based research right through his training and fellowship years and this has culminated in numerous peer reviewed publications and numerous oral and poster peer reviewed presentations in both national and international meetings. He is currently involved in numerous ongoing research projects with biological therapy treatments.

He also a long standing interest in disaster medicine and management and is currently on the UK International Emergency Trauma Register which deploys doctors in response to international disasters.

“Excellent post care service, very reassuring and helpful with clear explanations throughout all manner of questions.”

“Couldn’t ask for better treatment, from the first appointment everything was made perfectly clear and I knew what to expect, one of the first people I saw after coming round from surgery and again explained everything at a level I could understand. I had A.c.l revision stage 1 and was told to expect pain and discomfort but experienced very little, from reading other people’s experiences with same operation im very happy mr Attar did my operation and the scar is extremely neat in comparison with others I seen. Would definitely recommend Mr Attar to anyone with knee issues.”

Fahad Attar Consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedics, PRP Consultant
Waqar Bhatti - Consultant Radiologist PRP Injection



Prof. Waqar A Bhatti has been a consultant in musculoskeletal and sports radiology in Manchester since 2001 developing the first comprehensive musculoskeletal ultrasound service.

His alma mater include the Manchester Grammar School and the Victoria University of Manchester.

He completed his surgical training in 1996 gaining a fellowship in surgery FRCS Ed from the Royal college of Surgeons Edinburgh and gained his fellowship in radiology FRCR London 1999.

He has been the radiologist to both Manchester’s premiership football teams and rugby teams and provides support to the Olympic netball, Taekwondo and British cycling teams and Manchester county cricket team.  He provides cover for visiting teams for Rugby World cups,  Olympic teams visiting Manchester as well as the only Northwest radiologists providing cover for the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

He is a honorary professor at the University of Salford where he runs an applied orthopaedic radiology course and a visiting professor at the Manchester Metropolitan University where he runs the sports radiology module MSC sports medicine.

“Prof. Bhatti was genuinely lovely and made me feel 100% at ease. I was nervous prior to the injection and he was amazing and made me feel calm. Everything was explained very clearly and I understood what was happening ..”

“Excellent attitude – caring, listened, distracted and funny. Clear explanations of the procedure, risks, intended outcomes. Ace!”

“I attended today for scans on my hands and had an injection in one.  The staff were wonderful and explained all they were doing and a very thoughtful and understanding.  10 /10!  Thank you so much”.



Prajakta’s background in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine provides her the ability to develop therapies that cater to her patients’ specific needs. She has experience in treating different degenerative diseases like diabetes, infertility, neurological disorders, chronic kidney diseases, using the healing potential of stem cells from one’s own body. She specialises in using stem cells from the bone marrow, adipose tissue and blood for potential therapies and treatments.

Apart from holding a Masters degree in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine from University of Sheffield, she also has a degree in Embryology from UCL. She specialised in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which was what first sparked her interest in opting for a career in Regenerative Medicine

Prajakta’s major focus lies in stem cells for Joint pain management and brings her cutting edge expertise to patients at The Regenerative Therapy Clinic.

”I really benefited from talking to Prajakta who explained the treatment options to me so that I could decide what was best for me”



Victoria has over 20 years’ experience of working as a Medical Secretary. 

She initially worked for Mr Attar as his NHS Personal Medical Secretary and more recently has been working as his PA/Medical Secretary for his Private Practice.  She always endeavours to help patients with their enquiries to the best of her ability and in a timely manner.

Victoria works closely with the team at the European Scanning Centre ensuring a smooth and efficient service from start to finish.

“Thank you Victoria for all your help and kindness – it was very much appreciated ..”



Nicholas qualified as a Registered Nurse from University of Salford in 2001 and took up his first post in the Operating Department at Salford Royal Hospital. He remained there for 5 years and gained valuable experience as a Scrub Practitioner in a variety of different surgical specialities and achieved a Charge Nurse position during this time. In 2006 He moved departments at Salford and spent 5 years as a Urology Specialist Nurse gaining experience in assessment of patients and helping them through their disease process. 

A return to Operating Department came in 2011 when Nicholas took up a post at Manchester Royal Infirmary in the Emergency, Transplant and Trauma scrub team. The role also incorporates being part of the National Organ Retrieval Service team based there.  With this post came the opportunity to train as Advanced Scrub Practitioner (now referred to as Surgical First Assistant) and to develop surgical assisting skills through the University of Greenwich. 

Nicholas has recently completed a MSc to become a Surgical Care Practitioner in Urology and is currently in post back at Salford Royal.

He is experienced in assisting with Gynaecology, General surgery and Urology both laparoscopic and open and Orthopaedic surgery.

Nicholas currently works with Mr Fahad Attar as a surgical assistant at all his private hospitals and clinics.

”I was nervous about having blood taken but Nick was so gentle that I didn’t feel a thing”

Registered Nurse

The European Scanning Centre Team

Tendonitis Knee Manchester Team

The team at The European Scanning Centre pride ourselves on our care and compassion for each and every patient that we see at Kingsley Hall.  We know that for some of our patients, the thought of having to endure an MRI scan can be a cause of great anxiety and we always spend as much time as needed, reasuring them that the experience in our Open Scanner is very different to anything they may have previously experienced in a closed tunnel MRI scanner.

On arrival you will be greeted and welcomed into our beautifully furnished Centre.  One of our radiographers (we have both male and female) will spend time with you answering any questions you may have before your scan.  You are very welcome to take a partner or friend into the scan room with you if it makes you feel more at ease.

Following your scan you will be able to relax and have a tea or coffee before leaving us to carry on with your day.

“What an amazing service.  I never thought I would be able to have an MRI scan but the staff at the centre helped me so much … I would not hesitate to recommend them”

”I could not believe it – I was so relaxed on the MRI scanner that I fell asleep”

”what a kind group of people – I was so nervous but they allowed my husband to sit in the scan room with me which made the experience so positive”

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