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Combination Therapy for Joint Arthritis

In osteoarthritis, the affected joint cartilage is damaged, inflammation is present and joint fluid (hyaluronic acid) is lost. This vicious cycle of ongoing inflammation, progressive cartilage damage and continued loss of joint fluid slowly causes destruction of your joint and worsens your arthritic condition.


Our regenerative combination therapy helps break this cycle by incorporating all the factors that are required for creating the best healing environment for the cartilage, by providing the cells which can differentiate and are the building blocks for the cartilage and by replenishing the lost joint fluid.


This therapy involves 3 stages;



The stem cells provide the cellular therapy for cartilage healing, PRP provides anti-inflammatory factors and pro-healing factors which create the right environment in which healing takes place and viscosupplementation replenishes the lost hyaluronic acid.


The aim of our combination therapy is to promote healing of joint cartilage and delay progression of your arthritis and this in turn helps improve pain, mobility and function while reducing swelling and stiffness of the joints.

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