PRP And Sports Injuries

June 29, 2020

PRP has various medical uses and is widely known for its restorative properties. Platelets release growth factors or “healing factors” that promote the regeneration of bone, skin, muscle tendons and tissues and hence has applications in many degenerative disorders. The production of PRP is relatively easy and because it is a natural biological therapy, it is trusted by many sports physicians and used by many sports players worldwide.

Injuries and conditions including rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, elbow epicondylitis, patellar and quadriceps tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy, and acute partial Achilles rupture are some that PRP is known to improve healing due to its regenerative properties. In some other situations, for example following surgery, it enhances improving of surgical repairs such as in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and rotator cuff repairs.

PRP is also used as surgical augmentation in procedures where platelet-rich plasma therapy is applied during surgery to promote surgical repairs. This is used to enhance healing following ligament reconstruction procedures and meniscal repairs.

PRP and Sports Injuries

PRP in regenerative medicine plays an important role when conservative treatment has failed and the next treatment option is an invasive surgical procedure. It bridges this gap and provides a very good biological option before considering surgery. It also allows for a much quicker recovery period and is much less painful than a surgery.

Rafael Nadal used PRP to help with the rehabilitation of a knee problem back in 2013 and this helped him regain his position as No 1.

Tiger Woods used PRP to help recovery from a serious ACL injury.

These are only a couple of examples where not only elite sports people are using PRP injections but this is also applicable to weekend warriors and for people who want a speedy return to their activities following minor or major sports injuries.

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