Our Diagnostic Centre and Regenerative Therapy Centre Remains Open

June 4, 2020

The safety of patients, colleagues and the public is always our highest priority


The coronavirus pandemic has presented all of us with unprecedented personal and professional challenges.
We want to reassure you that The European Scanning Centre remains open to support patients requiring Diagnostic Imaging during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Additionally, because of the measures we have in place, we are able to also offer the treatments provided by the Regenerative Therapy Centre.
ESC Centres are still staffed and equipped with appropriate PPE to support you.


Your health and Safety is important to us


  • To minimise the risk of coronavirus we are taking extra precautions and have implemented increased health and safety measures across all of our centres to protect patients and colleagues against the virus.
  • A pre- screening questionnaire is completed prior to each patient appointment
  • Our team are equipped with PPE and face masks
  • All patients are offered alcohol hand sanitiser and gloves on arrival and are again screened and patients who are considered a risk are not granted access to the centre
  • To minimise contact with patients we have increased space between bookings
  • We have allocated extra time between scans and appointments to allow for additional infection control cleaning set out by NHS England
  • We have also reduced the seating in our waiting room to allow for adequate social distancing and cleared the centre of all non-essential items of furniture and furnishings
Our Diagnostic Centre and Regenerative Therapy Centre Remains Open


If you want to book an MRI appointment at the European Scanning Centre, please call on of our team on 0161 493 9633 or email referrals-man@europeanscanning.com

If you are interested in one of the treatments available from the Regenerative Therapy Centre, please call 0161 493 9633 where our team will be to chat to you and, if you wish, arrange an e-consult with one of our Consultants.


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If you have queries video consultations can be arranged

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