The European Scanning Centre has established itself as an internationally renowned diagnostic imaging centre.

The ESC has developed a reputation for providing a high quality and professional imaging service dedicated to the needs and comfort of both patients and medical practitioners. Building upon this success in London’s world famous Harley Street, the ESC has expanded to open a centre in Manchester and in Cardiff.

The Manchester Centre at Kingsley Hall, close to Manchester Airport, has been carefully designed with patient comfort at the forefront with a warm and welcoming reception area and staff who have been specially chosen for their ability to put patients at ease.

"Just to say a huge thank you to all the staff there this afternoon, whilst I had my scan. Their calm, cool, professionalism is most heartwarming to someone who suffers with Claustrophobia. The Open MRI is a completely relaxing. Well done, everyone"

Our MRI scanning room is spacious and calming with wall and ceiling relax-vision panels to increase the open feeling of the room. Whilst being scanned, you are able to watch television, listen to music or the radio, or if it helps you relax, you are welcome to bring your music of choice.  We are very happy for a relative or friend to accompany you into the scan room if this helps alleviate any anxiety.

Two way audio facilities allow our radiographers to communicate and reassure patients during their scan and the viewing window ensures that both the patient and the radiographer are always in the line of vision.

We genuinely understand the anxiety that the thought of an MRI scan produces but we are confident that we can help you through the experience, in fact we wouldn’t be surprised if you were so relaxed you fell asleep - many of our patients do!

Our radiographers ensure that your MRI experience is as comfortable as possible and your scan will be reported by the region's leading Consultant Radiologists.


"Superb. Just what we need in the North West. Who wants to be in a noisy claustrophobic tunnel, when you can watch TV?"

Because of the ease of access to our Centre from road, rail, metrolink, bus or plane, our patients come from all over the North of England and the Midlands, Ireland, Isle of Man and overseas.

As well as scanning the anxious or claustrophobic patient, we are also able to scan the larger patient who may not otherwise fit into a traditional scanner as we do not have the same weight restriction as other scanners and can take patients up to 200kg,

We also have the unique ability to perform weight bearing scans in a patients position of pain, for example, sitting.  Our audited results show that in 25% of cases, a weight bearing scan will show something that is not visible on a regular supine (lying) scan.

We are CQC registered to take adults and children and are covered by all the private medical insurers and offer an interest free payment plan.  We do accept NHS referrals with the appropriate funding in place.

 "I just wanted to say a huge thank you ... it wasn't just about the scanner( which is amazing when your claustrophobic like me) it was you guys the whole team, the care and consideration given was outstanding. You are all a real credit to the team. You truly went that extra mile: thank you again from the bottom of our hearts"

We are delighted that the Regenerative Therapy Centre has chosen to partner with the European Scanning Centre to provide interventional pain management therapies and we look forward to welcoming you to Kingsley Hall.

To visit our website please go to http://europeanscanning.com/manchester.html

Or call our friendly team on 0161 493 9633