New Blog Post Out! Why you should consider PRP As Your First Option For Knee Pain


January 9, 2019


For some the call of the mountains is too tempting but how can skiers and snowboarders dealing with arthritis or other knee injuries not miss out?

First and foremost you should consider your injuries; are they acute?  have your discussed them with your doctor?  If you are still good to go then there are few things you could do to help.

Warm up:  As well as stretching and lossening up before you hit the slopes each day, you should start training weeks or months before your trip. If you have arthritis in your knees, for example, ask your doctor or physio about an exercise programme to strengthens the muscles that support your knees. Strong thighs and calves can ease the strain that going downhill places on your joints.

Consider buying a brace:  It is worth investigating a specially designed load bearing brace.  They cost more but they also provide more support and relief for active people.

Is your kit up to date:  If you have used the same boots for years, you might consider new ones that are easier to put on and take off as well as considering moldable inserts that are specific to you.

Know your limit:  Trust your body and use common sense.  If moguls cause your knees to flare, resist!

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